ElemenYx revolutionizes Gamefi by aggregating Game and Defi products to stabilize the tokenomic inside the ecosystem. Our robust platform gives gamers and investors room to entertain through game activities and facilitates the investors with the taste of the new platform with a decentralized economy and deflation token activities.
Our Game Defi platform allows users to choose the activities and assets that meet their investment taste including Game on Mobile that apply the feature of blockchain, Gambling activities, and Defi staking and investment in the ElemenYx sharing the revenue along with ElemenYx Defi ecosystem. It facilitates the investors with the need for entertainment and buying at the same time.
Utilizing the native $EX token ElemenYx operates a fully decentralized, sustainable revenue model from day one. The platform takes the revenue from the game activities, and redistributes it into the liquidity for the token and staking activities.
Last modified 11mo ago