Key Differenciation


ElemenYx's core team brings decades of tradition-building game experience, along with a deep practical understanding of the Gamefi and Blockchain industry. This unique combination of expertise enables us to deliver an innovative, effective, and well-executed models for the NFT game industry

Go-To-Market Strategy

ElemenYx's go-to-market strategy includes both web2 and web3 approaches, targeting to gamers and investors. This multifaceted strategy sets ElemenYx apart from alternative solutions for growing users, and revenue and maintain the ecosystems that may struggle in this area by others gamefi products.

Need of the Market

ElemenYx addresses the needs of new innovation and sustainable models in NFT game sectors by long-lives of the game, effective token circulation, and driving good experience of NFT games built on blockchain. This strong product-market fits establishes a solid foundation for broader individuals and mass adoption.

Efficient Revenue Model

ElemenYx Revenue Model is a combination between ElemenYx token and stablecoin USDC. Users in the ecosystem can benefit not only from the ElemenYx NFT Game reward pools but also the share from the ecosystem revenue through its revenue-sharing model.

Long-Term Vision

ElemenYx aims to establish itself as a new ecosystem with the interaction between Defi and Games on the blockchain, a goal that remains unachieved in the industry to date.