Key Feature

Risk-to-Earn Game economy
The advanced and dynamic economy is designed to allow anyone to choose the right sector to jump into platform and customize strategies that match their investment taste. ElemenYx features a risk-to-earn economy. Players are awared of the risk and reward as they begin to make purchases in ElemenYx.

Deflation Mechanism

ElemenYx generates demand for the project token $EX through in-game activities that will require players to spend $EX, such as: upgrade, pariticpate in tournament, ...
A percentage of token revenue back into the project will be burnt so as to decrease the supply of tokens on the market.
ElemenYx also features in-app purchase and in-app ads as other revenue model. It is not neccessary for ElemenYx to sell $EX to generate income for the project.

Real Revenue Model For Players in the Ecosystem

ElemenYx gives users multiple choices of investment:
  1. 1.
    Invest in ElemenYx game with Risk-to-Earn model: Players pay ticket fee to join tournament against other players. The ticket fee is then locked in the Tournament Treasury. At the end of every 7-day-tournament, a percentage of players with top ranking wins the reward from the Tournament Treasury. Whilst, those at lower ranking on the leaderboard do not receive the same reward as those on top. There are 2 parts for the Tournament Reward:
  • Blockchain native token $ARB or $USDC on Arbitrum network
  • $EX token from our revenue
  • In-game items or NFTs
  1. 2.
    Play $EX token gamification on ElemenYx website: The famous double-or-nothing game model allow participants to test their luck and earn with no skill required.
  2. 3.
    Stake $EX into the fix or dynamic staking pools: Stakers and investors benefit from participating in the staking pool and earning from our ecosystem revenue. A substantial share of revenue goes directly to stakers, while the remaining portion supports the DAO development fund.