This section offers a detailed breakdown of the tokenomics, what each allocation is utilized for, and any associated vesting periods.

Public Sale (15%)

This allocation of 15% is fully unlocked and distributed via public sales using a custom fair launch model on Arbitrum.

Play & Earn (25%)

This allocation of 25% is vested up to market conditions and is used for ElemenYx NFT Game operation, strategy creation, growth, and staking incentives (e.g. liquidity mining) within the ecosystem.

Community Booster (5%)

The allocation of 5% was priced at $0.05 and is linearly vested over a 10-month period, with a 30-day cliff - 20% tokens of community booster will be available on TGE. The purpose of the community booster event was to facilitate the smart contract audits, development, legal, and marketing efforts required for launch.

Team (20%)

This allocation of 20% is lock 3 months, then linear vesting 10% every month in 10 months - no tokens will be available on TGE. This measure ensures the utility of the users, decentralization of the ecosystem, and fair distribution and rewards for all participants.

Liquidity (20%)

The allocation of 20% is vested up to market conditions. The purpose of liquidity is to facilitate the needs for the token circulation in the ecosystem required during the operation.

Treasury Reserve (15%)

The allocation of 15% is vested up to market conditions
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